Ms K

We did 2 rounds of pics for Ms. K. The first session was really cloudy and wet, we were all soaking by the end. The next day however was sunny and we got some really good pics. I think K is has the best serious face that I have photographed. Sometimes it is awkward to do the "serious no smile" face but she had on problems. Tyra would be proud lol.


Beautiful Shombree!

The Simpsons

Such a cute family! Baby B had the chubbiest legs, I loved it.


I took these in Nov. of my Matty and I never put them up so here they are. I miss his long hair. He looks like a little man with his short hair I can't decide which I like better.

What to Wear?

I've been asked many times "What do we wear?" when it comes to family photos. I have a hard time with this myself when I take my own children's pictures. However there are a few things that I suggest to anyone who is stumped.
      1) Mom, pick your outfit out first.
       When you look at your family photo,
       you will be the most critical of
       yourself. Pick something that
       you feel great in. Then you can
       style the rest of the group to
       complement you.

                    2) White shirts aren't the best.
       White reflects the light and washes
       faces out. However if you have dark
       skin, white shirts can look beautiful.

     3) Mix and match
      Mixing colors and patterns gives a
      photo character and depth. Going
      with the same color top for the whole
      family can make a photo less bright
      and interesting.

      4) Don't wear white socks if you are 
       wearing black shoes.(by this I mean
       dress shoes)
      Feet will show so make sure that you
      like your shoes and socks.

      5) Don't stray too far from your normal
      Remember this is a representation of
      your family. You don't want to look at
      your wall and think "who are these
     6) Pick a few colors and dress your
      family so there are splashes of
      those colors here and there.
     Below is a great example of this.

Here is a link to a great photographer that has tons of outfit and color examples.


Some of Ella's Blessing pics

Ella was blessed at our church this weekend so we thought we would commemorate the event by taking pics. Thank u Sabrina for taking pics with me in them for a change lol. It was pretty cold outside and Ella didn't last too long, but we got a few cute pics before Jake was stung by a bee and the photo session came to an abrupt end. 

My Babies

 So right before I had my baby girl I took the boys out to snap some pics for our Christmas cards (which I didn't have time to send out). My husband took a pic of me while I was shooting and I added it because I thought it was funny. I wasn't supposed to be out doing that but I was sick of being stuck at home so with 30 min. of light left we had a wild photo shoot. I'm just glad some turned out pretty cute. I added Ella too since she is part of the family now as well :)